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Pontefract Academies Trust


In Mathematics at De Lacy Primary School, we endeavour to provide our children with a secure understanding of place value as we believe that our mathematicians cannot succeed without it. They use this knowledge as a foundation for all other mathematical concepts. They are encouraged to think deeply, try out a range of strategies and develop accurate use of Mathematical vocabulary. Activities are set with the mastery style of questioning at the focus and lessons always include an element of challenge for our children. Equipment is used wherever appropriate to encourage children to move from concrete to abstract methods quickly.

We encourage children to operate with an element of resilience when problem solving in order to achieve numerical fluency. Our children are encouraged to see unsuccessful attempts as opportunities and are not held back by the fear of getting something wrong. We target different children per half-term to make rapid progress and run regular assessment for learning intervention groups on an afternoon. We respond to children who struggle with concepts through proactive pre-teach sessions during assembly time on a morning.

The children complete a daily times tables test through the program: Times Table Rockstars and prepare children for their SATS through regular practise of test-style questions in the test format. We track children’s progress using Target Tracker by applying various types of formative and summative assessment throughout the year.


We follow the Pontefract Academies Trust (PAT) Programmes of Study, utilising an agreed Long Term Plan which can be viewed by clicking the links below:

PAT Maths Long Term Plan

Year 1 Programme of Study

Year 2 Programme of Study

Year 3 Programme of Study

Year 4 Programme of Study

Year 5 Programme of Study

Year 6 Programme of Study